What does the term Check 21 mean?
In October 2004, the Check Clearing for the 21st Century Act – or Check 21 – changed the way checks are cleared in today’s financial world.

What does Check 21 mean to me?
In addition to increased security and less cost associated with check processing, CrossRoads Community members will experience much faster processing of checks via the use of a “substitute check.”

How does Check 21 work?
As its legal equivalent, the actual check is “replaced” by an electronic image, which is then immediately transferred for clearance. The new way in which Check 21 allows for check clearing will result in less “lag time” between when a check is written and when it is processed against your checking account funds.

Where can I learn more about Check 21?
A CrossRoads Community member services representative will be happy to answer your additional questions about Check 21 today!

Click here for more information on Check 21

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